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Circular Industrial Supply Chain

At Circular Matchmakers, our passionate team is driven by a strong commitment to sustainability and the smooth functioning of all stages of the supply chain, especially when it comes to circular services in industrial applications. We actively qualify, select, improve and match the best companies in the industries we serve.

The urge for sustainability demands for a new approach. Our qualification system is specially designed to be coherent with industrial needs and the issues and ideas that were set out in the 2030 Climate & Energy framework of the European Commission. We specialize in circular phases R2, R3 and R4 and give both the industrial sectors as well as service providers an unprecedented head start.

Stakeholder management

The EU has set a concrete and ambitious mandate to support the transition towards a circular economy, which is the way to go. A continued, broader commitment from all levels of government by Member States and relevant stakeholders is necessary. We help business owners to actively engage in these dynamic sectors and increase their service levels and know-how.

Furthermore, our job is to bring important and knowledgeable stakeholders together and we do this by qualifying, matching and connecting parties on a global scale.

Cooperation and Partners

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