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Business opportunities for repair shops and solution providers

We create business opportunities for innovators, component repair shops and second-hand dealers who like to grow their business in circularity. 

While circularity is one of the main pillars in the economic recovery of the Euro region, it is more difficult to reach out to buyers in European top sectors because there are no trade shows or exhibitions. As matchmakers in circularity we investigate maintenance processes to identify latent needs, develop new strategies and we investigate waste streams that can be separated or processed. 

First, it is important that we circumvent potential compliance issues and we do this through supplier qualification. Feel free to register for a first, free assessment if your business is to:

  • recycle
  • separate
  • remanufacture
  • reuse
  • repair
  • improve
  • reduce

Second, we specialize in industrial applications only. We create business opportunities and are allowed to introduce you if your solution, product or service is intended for one or more of the following sectors:

  1. Aluminium plants
  2. Automotive and engine reproduction lines
  3. CNC milling shops
  4. Combustion power plants ( gas turbine powerstations )
  5. Container shipping companies
  6. CNC Milling Machine shops
  7. Datacenters
  8. Logistics centers and warehouses
  9. Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEM's )
  10. Paper Mills
  11. Refineries
  12. Robot automated plants
  13. Sea Ports
  14. Shipping companies
  15. Steam Turbine power generation
  16. Steel production plants
  17. Wind turbine fields

When registering, please mention the sector you like to be connected with. After completion of a first assessment we will invite you for the next stages.

Please note that we are not a mailing service, we make personal introductions with relevant stakeholders and match prequalified vendors based on customer profile. 

Circularity needs to grow

Our program started at a time when no trade shows are possible. While circularity offers business opportunities and needs to grow, we bring qualified parties together and analyze the latent needs in operations, waste and maintenance processes.

We are a knowledge management company and have a high influence on maintenance and operations with the endorsement of various end users and buyers in European top sectors. You can register by using the form below, and we will invite you for a first assessment which is free of charge.


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